Co-working Spaces-Changing the Future of Workspaces in Mumbai

January 25, 2019

Co-working Spaces, a western idea that involves various individuals or startups sharing a common workplace environment, is gradually catching on across prime Indian property markets, with the segment reporting around three-fold growth over 2017.

As a business owner, we are always looking for ways to cut expenses. If you operate out of a metro city, it’s difficult to find cost-effective options for business meetings, conducting interviews or finding an affordable work environment. In some cases investing in an office infrastructure is not possible for early-stage businesses. This is where Shared spaces help.

Discussing about creativity and vibrancy of the office, you cannot miss knowing about co-working space, which is a new trend going viral. It is basically a Coworking Office facility opted by smart professionals, freelancers and startups where they work in collaboration or independently. It is a cost-effective method where one can get a good working place without digging a opening in the pocket.

Shared office services like WiFi, communal printer, fax, copier, parking, CCTV, gaming area, etc and provisions including cafeteria, kitchens, furnished offices and conference rooms are the USPs of co-working spaces.

The most significant factors that are contributing to this growth momentum for the co-working section incorporate:
A flourishing environment:

Coworking spaces provide the perfect opportunity for forming symbiotic business relationships and networking. Here, it is possible to meet people from diverse backgrounds, discuss new ideas, and collaborate with free thinkers from various industries.

Part of a bigger community:

This same interaction shows individuals the vast world that exists beyond their circle.This helps them understand and adjust to changing components of the work world. The vibrancy and diversity that each individual brings into the shared spaces creates an ecosystem of ideas and innovations.

The correct balance:
Working inside a set environment, with the same set of people, and following the same procedures can sometimes narrow one’s perspective. Being part of a coworking environment allows individuals to collaborate, get exposure to new ideas, different ways of working without letting go of their independence.

The freewheeling consultants:
A reasonable chunk of the people utilizing these office spaces are freelancers who want the freedom and flexibility to operate from anywhere. Coworking spaces offer them a professional work setup without the actual hassle of owning or renting it out. Meeting spaces for interacting with clients in a professional setting beats a coffee shop.
An inspiring work environment, ready infrastructure and the latest technological support are a few reasons that make co-working spaces so attractive to many freelancers.

The business of travel:
Similar works for business travelers too. Not every business or company has an office where its customers are. At such points, having a professional business centre to bank on is critical. And the appeal of getting the same levels of service in different cities is obvious.

Webinar and conferencing offices:
Unrestrained internet connectivity and efficient tech support are the basic requirements for conducting a successful seminar or VC, which freelancers don’t have access to from home or cafés. That’s where shared spaces come in with their superior internet connections and tech-enabled VC choices. Furthermore, of course providing the ambience to create the right first impression.

Advantages for MNCs:
As global companies expand into newer markets, they can consider working out of shared office spaces. They also require low security deposits and minimal effort for administration and office management.

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