How do I find the best shared office space in Mumbai

February 15, 2019

Mumbai is not only a home for India’s fascinating Bollywood movie industry, but the city of entertainment is also a city for commercial success. With an extensive range of opportunities at its fingertips, it is regarded as the business capital of India. Mumbai is powerhouse of India with finance, information technology, service industry, export, and business process outsourcing contributing greatly to country’s prosperity and huge emerging economy. Mumbai is India’s wealthiest city and it has the highest number of millionaires and billionaires among all cities in India.

A Modern Approach to the Traditional Workspace

Shared Offices for Rent in Mumbai aim to anticipate, meet, and exceed member’s expectations in all areas, from service and infrastructure to technology and interiors. Shared Offices embodies high standard and perfect design in form and function to meet your business needs. Ready to move makes a straight away mark for shared office, where you can enjoy the elevated work experience and complementary first-class business services, including global access to Executive Centers around the world. Shared Office helps to imprint your identity and see your dream for workspace come to life.

Shared offices are ready to move workspaces where you can move in and get started, with your new workspace. It comes with expertly managed set-up, crafted IT solutions, On-site administrative assistance and operational support for seamless business transition. We believe that start-ups should focus on customer acquisition first and at a later stage should get involved with the 'necessary baggage' of leasing/buying/renting an office.

Shared Offices also comes with well-equipped meeting rooms that are ideal for presentations, interviews, client pitches or training sessions. You can book a meeting space in Mumbai online and start planning for your next face to face, presentation or business event.

Shared offices offer’s everything you expect to find in a modern business center without Investment.

  • Cost for Furniture, fixtures, or IT infrastructure ARRANGEMENTS
  • Cost for Renovation
  • Cost for Maintenance
  • Electrical / electricity expense
  • Property Tax or other tax except for Service Tax
  • Expenses on security personnel
  • Expenditure on Housekeeping
  • Expenses on equipment such as photocopiers / fax/ EPABX/ Scanners etc.
  • Expenses on Pantry equipment, crockery and cutlery / Refrigerator / microwave/ gas cylinders/ water purifier etc.
  • Legal expenses / registration charges / stamp duty
  • Investment towards reception desk/area and reception staff
  • Expenditure on air conditioners and its maintenance.
  • Exhibition area available for larger events/gatherings
  • Access to 20-seater boardroom

Shared offices also offer’s staff that are extremely helpful and cooperative. They provide excellent customer service and take care of every aspect of service. They are proactive in their service and resolve the issues even before it gets noticed. The extended service support staff hired for such shared offices are very respectful and efficient and trained.

Shared offices offer’s you a complete package so that you stay focused on your business and they take care of the rest. The service and benefit offered by their expertise on-site team and their invaluable knowledge not only helps to get your company up and running in its space, but also provide continued support to ensure smooth operation.

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