How to choose fully furnished offices for your startup

March 9, 2019

Mumbai, one of the most glamorous and wealthiest cities in the country, attracts professionals from various fields. If you are a freelancer or an owner of a small business, trying to make it big in the City of Dreams, then fully furnished offices for rent can help you be more productive and have fun while working. While freelancers have a hard time finding a nice quiet place to work on their projects, many small business owners find it difficult to set up a fully functional office space with a small budget.

Fully furnished offices for rent in Mumbai can have everything necessary to let you work peacefully, and it also fits within your budget.

Now, how do you select fully furnished offices for rent in Mumbai for your startups?

Choose From Flexible Schedules
The whole point of being a freelancer is to have a flexible schedule and a better work-life balance. While working from home has its perks, there can be distractions. Working from public places or teeming cafes in Mumbai can be quite disturbing as well. A shared office space Mumbai offers the flexibility and the much-needed quiet. A flexible work schedule in a non-corporate setting can help the business owners to retain employees and improve their efficiency. Fixed working schedules often impact the mindset negatively. On the other hand, having enough flexibility of time can boost interest in work, and thereby increase productivity.

Go For One That Fits Your Budget
Freelancers or start-up owners do not always have huge funds to set up a private office or a fully functional workplace. Opting for a moderate office space rental can be easier than spending a huge sum for setting up an office in Mumbai with all the required facilities. A co-working space can provide you with all the amenities without the headache of maintenance, at an affordable price.

A Casual Work Culture – integrates the “fun” factor
Getting fully furnished offices for rent in Mumbai can provide a fun and casual workplace with much less stress. A non-hierarchical workspace with all the facilities like high-speed internet, cushy seating, cafe, lounges and gym can be no less than a dream office for the youngsters. You can find your confidence and productivity soaring in such a positive environment. You can meet like-minded people, have interesting discussions and yet have the privacy to work securely.

Build Connections and Collaborate for Greater Productivity
For a freelancer working from home, lack of communication can slow down your productivity and make it difficult to get new projects. A coworking space in Mumbai can make networking easier for you. You can communicate with people from various professional fields and build connections. You may find some great new projects to work on. Entrepreneurs and business owners opting for shared office spaces can benefit by making new collaborations and having brainstorming sessions leading to original ideas.

Internet connectivity: In a coworking office space there is an availability of fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Thus, you do not have to worry about your internet connectivity anymore. You will not face a disruption in work or fail to perform certain actions because of poor connectivity problem. A co working space will always provide a steady and consistent internet connection to work with. A dropped internet connection in the middle of sending an email or making a transfer of finances or files is annoying for the employees. This is not faced by people working in shared spaces.

Comfortable sitting arrangement: If you are working from home or from anywhere else, you won’t get the comfort that is provided in a coworking space. The chairs and the sitting arrangements are done keeping in mind the ultimate comfort of the people working there. Moreover, the layout of the space also allows easy access to most of the shared amenities. Generally, a co working office has a variety of sitting options. Employees working there can choose to sit and work in anything they are comfortable in. Remember, you are going to spend a long time sitting in those chairs. So, these need to be ergonomically sound. Moreover, the chairs are comfortable and adjustable so that one can adjust those as per convenience.

Call areas and phone booths: Telephone is an amenity that is shared among the people working in a virtual office space. There are call booths and specially demarcated areas where one can stand and make phone calls. Thus, while each one of the employees in a common space can make private phone calls, it is also possible to have a conference call with the distant members or teams in the designated call areas without having to disturb the others working there.

Conference rooms: Even the freelancers need to have meetings and conferences with the employees or clients. Thus, in a co working space, having a conference room is an amenity that is an absolute necessity. Each of the teams or members can hold a meeting at a certain time in that space. It is a space mostly used for group brainstorms, interviews, and meetings.

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