Reasons to Choose Shared Offices in Mumbai

February 18, 2019

Whether you need to setup an office with a team, or you are an individual and want to start with a new business, or want to make for examinations sipping coffee, we have it covered.

Our core focus is psychology in space structure, hospitality and bespoke offices. Shared office has turned into the new norm for the new growing and expanding businesses. With new office spaces opening up each day and established shared spacing expanding, the coworking revolution is in full swing. Furthermore, with remote work becoming a popular perk, there is no sign of slowing down. Coworking spaces have turned intoa hub for small companies and corporate alike, giving the space they need at the fraction of the cost of a dedicated office space. Such spaces provide you the flexibility to expand or contract number of employees with ease. Our coworking office spaces are equipped with printers, scanners, high-speed internet and full air-conditioning and whatever you may need to run your business.

We at Co.Lab.Oratory Asia serve the purpose of giving out workspaces to young start-ups, innovatively inspiring for more productive work than everyday work.

The nation is filled with new entrepreneurs in require of such co-working spaces, finding the best is a task, yet that’s where Co.Lab.Oratory comes into play and take the country by storm.

Benefits of Shared Office Space for Start-ups:

Shared office spaces are workspaces leased out to young start-ups by sharing unoccupied seats and tables by the original company. Young new businesses find this extremely beneficial.

Nomads, who feel the want to promote themselves from their home space or garage to an office desk, will evidently find these office spaces perfect to their requirements.

Shared Office Space Facilities provided:
We realize you need facilities in a coworking space that are top notch and to make your life at little easy. Here at Co.Lab.Oratory we have facilities more than what you can come requesting for.

Air-Conditioned: Each room on the floor is air-conditioned for comfortable working. Enjoy the cooling, be it any kind of day, cold, wet, hot, hotter, or the typical Mumbai heat.

Conference rooms: Fully equipped conference rooms always accessible when needed. Designed to give you a vibe of constructive great discussions.

Meeting Rooms: Meeting rooms are accessible for use at any time. You and your customers can discuss important matters without interruption. No time confinement will be forced upon you

Chillzone and Lounge: Workspace and chill, Take a break and free your mind for a couple of hours. A casual and friendly environment with no work pressure

Functional Pantry: Hungry Kya? All your ordinary pantry materials with microwaves, fridge and freezer, liquid boiler etc. Get anything available whenever you require them.

Tea and Coffee: Coffee, Hot beverages will be conveyed to your working desk at particular work times. Or if you feel the requirement for some instant tea or coffee, you can freely make yourself one.

Silent working zones: Shush! If you enjoy working in an office space with no noise disturbance, we have marked certain areas of the workplace to be the quiet zone. Work however you feel comfortable.

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