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Affordable coworking spaces in andheri

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Affordable CoWorking Space in Mumbai

Co.Lab.Oratory is a premium Co-Working office space for rent in Andheri East, Mumbai.Co-Working space means a shared working environment, where you can collaborate with other like-minded people and work better.

Co.Lab.Oratory, as a Co-Working office space, is comfortable and maintains a thriving work environment.

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Benefits of Office Space on Rent for Startups.

A Co-Working space comes with a different set of benefits, especially for startups or businesses that do not want to spend a lot on creating a new office space. Startups already have a lot of other difficulties to deal with.

Investing in building a new office space should not be one of them. What should they do then? Work from home? No, that’s a bad idea.

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Affordable coworking spaces in Mumbai
Office space on rent facilities provided by Co.Lab.Oratory:

We know you need facilities in a coworking space that are top notch and to make your life at little easy. Here at Co.Lab.Oratory we have facilities more than what you can come asking for.


Too Cool For School

Every room on the floor is air-conditioned for comfortable working. Enjoy the cooling, be it any kind of day, cold, wet, hot, hotter, or the usual Mumbai heat.

Conference rooms

Round Table Discussions

Fully equipped conference rooms always available when needed. Designed to give you a vibe of constructive good discussions.

Meeting Rooms

Suit up!

Two meeting rooms available for use at any time. You and your clients can discuss important matters without interruption. No time restriction will be forced upon you.

Printing room

Get inked

Access the printing facility room. Going to a outdoor stationery will no longer be a problem when everything can happen on the same floor.

Chillzone and Lounge

Workspace and Chill

Take a break and free your mind for a few hours. A casual and friendly environment with no work stress. Also a lounge to spend free time with your work mates.


Bookworm Paradise

Open library for everyone. Grab some knowledge on anything you wish to learn more on. Books on almost everything and free reading spaces.

Functional Pantry

Hungry Kya?

All your regular pantry materials with microwaves, fridge and freezer, liquid boiler etc. Grab anything available whenever you require them.

Tea and Coffee

Work Fuel = Caffeine

Hot beverages will be brought to your working desk at particular work times. Or if you feel the need for some instant tea or coffee, you can freely make yourself one.

Silent working zones


If you enjoy working in a office room with no noise disturbance, we have marked certain areas of the workplace to be the silent zone. Work however you feel comfortable.

High Speed Internet with a Backup line

Ready. Set. Browse!

The workplace must always have the best internet connections for good work to happen. We give you high speed internet for you to access the web faster. Research, view or send content, upload work material at high speeds without any internet problems.

Events and Workshops

Work hard, play hard.

Series of events arranged and set up according to the year calendar. Events to have fun in and enjoy some shared knowledge through workshops. Join any event and workshop you like.

Affordable CoWorking Spaces in Andheri East Mumbai

Co.Lab.Oratory is a best Affordable Coworking spaces in Andheri East, Mumbai. Co- Working space means a shared working environment, where you can collaborate with other like-minded people and work better. Co.Lab.Oratory, as a CoWorking office space, is comfortable and maintains a thriving work environment.

A Co-Working space is beneficial for startups as they do not need to worry about finding an office space and investing large amounts in it. Big businesses can also benefit from such spaces as they can set up their office without having to build it. Office space on lease is also available for such businesses at Co.Lab.Oratory.

A shared working space enables you to improve by interacting and working with different people from different walks of life. You can collaborate and create at Co.Lab.Oratory, where we believe that “good work is shared, but shared work is better”. Working together helps you make good professional relationships and your ideas flourish in more ways than you thought it was possible.

Coworking is one of the most powerfultrend all over the world. Coworking spaces are gaining popularity as majority of the startups cannot afford the towering cost of commercial real estate offices and at the same timethey want to be a part of more innovative and work in collaborative environment. With increase in the number of people wanting to ditch traditional office spaces, there is a rise in the number of coworking space. Coworking enables you to work with people who have vastly different skillsets or solutions to problems, allowing you to “pick their brains”. Affordable Co-Working Space is a blessing for the freelancers which gives them the flexibility of choosing your own hours and schedule without the isolation. For budding startups, a coworking space is an easy and fast way to scale.

Despite Mumbai’s rising office rental prices, we at Colaboratory Asia has managed to offer an Affordable Coworking Spaces in Mumbai without compromising on our offerings.We’re an affordable coworking space provider where we offer you resources and solutions like no other. With the freedom to take up the space as per the requirement.We at Colaboratory Asia enables you to elevate your business in order to have a cut above the rest and the well-equipped coworking space provided by us are suitable for start-ups, freelancers, aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals.We givesourclients a startup ecosystem that lets work with people from varied fields and walks of life. In-turn you get to opportunity to create and expand your network and discover new opportunities in a collaborative Affordable Coworking Space. Imagine a space that grows with your goals and goes beyond the traditional one. Coworking spaces is a place that empowers and is a partner in your vision.

At Colaboratory Asia, we bring to you the best and Affordable Coworking Spaces in Mumbai, regardless of your company size to provide your employees with a refreshing and energizing environment to work.We understand how a coworking space and business center in Mumbai should be. We have our own team of designers, artists, who customizeeach and every startup office space available with us with full accuracy and dedication prioritizing theneeds of your business for coworking office. We help our clients get started with minimum overhead &s; increased productivity. We at Colaboratory Asia helps entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers to succeed by making them more connected with each other and by providing them with various services that allow them to focus on the activity in which they are the best.We have worked to offer a flexible place to work together, where you can find people with whom you can work and the resources you need. Whether you need a quiet place to work, printing facilities, or a simple a cup of coffee for intelligent conversation-we offer all facilities to our members. We offer a variety of amenities at an extremely affordable rate.The platform we provide is very strong to Connect, Learn, Grow &s; Support. We believe that diverse teams and viewpoints helps to bring out the best Creativity.

A Co-Working space comes with a different set of benefits, especially for startups or businesses that do not want to spend a lot on creating a new office space. Startups already have a lot of other difficulties to deal with. Investing in building a new office space should not be one of them. What should they do then? Work from home? No, that’s a bad idea.

Never take your work home. A Co-Working space is the best option for startups, where they can have all the amenities and concentrate on working. They can meet a lot of like-minded people and have good professional relationships, which can help both them and their ideas to flourish. Shared workspaces create a healthy work environment and let people collaborate and create together.

With Affordable coworking spaces turning into the future of office space and the benefits of working in a shared office space are endless. The following are some of the benefits that coworking offered:

Pocket pleasing:

As a startup your state of mind is conjecture less and turn out a considerable proportion of. This is consistently what a coworking house allows you to attempt and do. It licenses intending to the working environments and solaces of a completely sorted out office at a superfluous cost. At a settled, unimportant respect you get truck-pile of ideal conditions that you basically obviously miss on the off chance that you lease your own workplace house.

No Distractions:

Remaining at home is filled with distractions. You tend to get sidetracked by the television, internet, video games, friends, books and even the desire to nap. Working at a affordable coworking spaces advises you that you are paying for the time you spend here. The drive to and from work also helps put you in the mindset. Not to mention the people around you working hard for their own fantasies are a huge motivator for you to get back to work at a coworking office.

Networking Opportunities:

Working in an affordable coworking spaces gives you the chance to meet with likeminded individuals. The people that rent affordable coworking spaces in Mumbai have differing skills that they apply in new and innovative ways. You never know, your new business partner might just be sitting two desks areas from you!


Access work enables you to book a desk on an hourly basis if you need to. In the meantime if you know that your project will take time you can also apply for the monthly booking choices. There is no requirement or pressure for commitment; you can make your choice based on your own needs. Access work also applies competitive costs that make your budget a lot more reasonable.

Everything You Need:

Affordable coworking spaces are for people who need to be able to work without diversions. Such workplaces have high speed internet, food and drink facilities, printers and anything else you could need on a normal work day. With all that you could require just a few steps away there is no reason for you to not make the move.

Work administration:

Co-working regions runs with pleasant position of every snapshot of methodically availability in this manner you discover the chance to pick your very own working hours and in this manner the adaptability could be a sublime guide for your professional achievement.

Co-working is likewise a more affordable way to attain a high class work space. These spaces are normally in stellar locations that may otherwise be unattainable. They are structured with quality and functionality in mind, allowing you to be comfortable while you work. There is no pressure with long rents, increasing the flexibility of co-working even further. Because there is no requirement to purchase entities necessary for an operating office, like desks, printers, or lighting, overhead costs are greatly reduced. Managing with seemingly constant repairs, service fees and office maintenance are a thing of the past when co-working.

ColaboratoryAsia is the preferred co-working destination for creators and makers. If you are looking for a coworking space in Mumbai which is tailor made specifically as per your needs and/or an opportunity to network with and learn from other awesome entrepreneurs, you will find the right place at ColaboratoryAsia. We cater to freelancers as well as teams of all sizes. Our mission is to create a flawless ecosystem and provide an accelerating platform for entrepreneurs to grow.