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Co.Lab.Oratory Community Signup

Co.Lab.Oratory is a coworking space designed for the fresh startups.Hence, our latest addition to the plans other than giving an established office to the young startups, is to provide opportunity to the brokers and members of the Co.Lab.Oratory as well. So, if you’re a broker and you seem to have clients in need of a co-working space, just refer about us to them and get paid. Easy and simple and get quick reward from it.


Broker partnership

This is what might interest you the most, the commission and profit. Co.Lab.Oratory and broker partnership commission benefits are quite the figures to look at. With every client you introduce in joining the Co.Lab.Oratory program, you’re able to get 10% commission of the plan for a year and upon renewal of your clients for the year after, additional 4% commission will be rewarded.

It’s that easy. So stop everything and grab on to every client who is in need of a co-working space.

Referral program

Now, this s part to play by the any member or non member of the Co.Lab.Oratory program. Work with Co.Lab.Oratory with a side quest. Your mission is to just mention about Co.Lab.Oratory to any other startup who will find our spaces helpful, just like you did.

Your reward will be a 10% commission from the year plan, With additional 4% if the plan is renewed. The 4% extra commission is only applicable if you are a member, and not a non member. The renewal for the plan commission is not for the non members. Helping has never been this FUN-ding.


Signup and get ready to pair up with Co.Lab.Oratory
because we hold a lot more than you can see.


10% commision on sign up

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10% commision on sign up

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More than 10% commision on sign up

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