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coworking spaces in mumbai

Coworking Space in Mumbai

Coworking Space in Andheri East Mumbai

Mumbai is the heart of financial activities of India and it’s undoubtedly one of the wealthiest and developed city of India. A combination of scenic beauty and strong technological base makes Mumbai an ideal spot for a large number of billionaires which highlights the glamour of this city. Mumbai is among the most expensive cities of India. Therefore, setting up a startup in Mumbai with a reasonable real estate may be costly and out of budget. Coworking Spaces in Mumbai works as a miracle which fulfill the dreams of many entrepreneurs to setup their startup in Mumbai.

Coworking Space in Mumbai

Co.Lab.Oratory Asia is one of the leading provider of Coworking Space in Mumbai, where different startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers grow-up together in a sustainable and well-equipped environment of coworking space. No matter who you are an individual or a business entity, our Coworking in Mumbai provide you a fully furnished and functional workspace equipped with desks, cubicles, cabins, conference rooms, internet connectivity, cafe services other basic resources, products and services you need near to your coworking destination. We know how a coworking space and business center in Mumbai should be. Therefore, we have our own team of designers, artists, and architects who customize each and every startups office space available with us with full precision and dedication prioritizing the clients coworking needs.

Benefits of Co-Working Space for Startups

A good platform to grow business:

Mumbai has a diverse population which is a great opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds and engages in knowledge sharing. Working in a coworking space can be a platform to allow this and help one’s business to grow.


Coworking spaces are economical as Colaboratory Asia does not charge extra money apart from the regular rent. There are lucrative packages and offers for business owners who are looking at saving money for the longer run. Mumbai has witnessed an increase in coworking spaces the past year, for hosting new start-ups in the city.

Well furnished interiors:

Coworking spaces in Mumbai provide all the workplace technological support that business organizations require. A modern, Fully-furnished office located in the business hub of Mumbai is of high convenience and makes a great impression.

Never be alone:

The biggest advantage of a coworking space is that you’re never alone. Working from home can easily become mundane – May be you’ll become lonely, discouraged, and unproductive. Working out of an office, with like-minded, driven entrepreneurs is very beneficial, both professionally and psychologically. In a space like the Colaboratory Asia, a Shared Coworking Space in Mumbai, we have many startups working out of our space.

Connect with other startups & meet with your customers:

Coworking spaces also provide some huge networking opportunities. You never know how much experience and guidance others in the office can offer -- your upcoming business partner might be sitting right across from you. Another benefit of being in an office environment is having access to conference rooms. Rather than having meetings in your living room or basement, you can be in a sleek, more “professional” space. Shared offices will boost your network and in turn connect you with the most relevant people for your business, from potential customers, suppliers or even business partners. In coworking spaces, you are guaranteed to meet high quality, talented, and like-minded people to add to your network that might become important for your business.

Separating Work from Home:

If you work from home, there’s no genuine accountability. It’s too simple to get distracted by your bed, your TV, and fridge and lose valuable time. In addition to that, family related chores will constantly present themselves since if you are at home, you must be available. The separation of work from home is important for many of us and furthermore enables you to breathe some fresh air and feel alive instead of spending most of your day at home.

Upgrading your Effectiveness:

Study display that individuals who work in coworking spaces are more creative and effective because of the energy and mindset adjustment that is created by the interaction and accountability a coworking environment creates. That implies that the financial costs of using a coworking space are much lower than the financial benefits it makes.

Improving your Social Life:

One of the greatest drawbacks of leaving a 9-to-5 job is missing out on the best source of meeting new people, your workplace. Employments provide us with a major source of new friends, and once you leave your work this source are exhausted. A coworking place enables you to fill in the gaps and create new friends with interesting people in new places.

Reducing Uncertainty:

Most of us working remotely will try finding the good Coffee Shop to Work with a Laptop as a Digital Nomad. This can make some uncertainty and frustration since you will find yourself running from one coffee shop to another hoping that today it won’t be too crowded or noisy and that the internet is going to work. In case you have to create calls, the noise in coffee shops can be frustrating to you and the people around you. Coworking spaces usually have separated Skype booths and conference rooms for you to use. Some other reliable benefits of coworking spaces over coffee shops include access 24 hours a day in case you are on a deadline or have a crazy schedule, and free printing which is always valuable. Normally, uncertainty takes time and energy that could have been put toward working for your customers, and it makes you feel less happy in general. Coworking gives your life with stability.

Reducing Costs & Adding Flexibility:

In case you have decided that it is time to get an office, a coworking space create a lot more financial sense than renting your own office. Leasing an office includes taking care of installing infrastructure and taking care of utility bills that drain money and time. The staff in the coworking space will deal of that for everyone. Also, normal office rental requires signing long term contracts, usually for a minimum period of one year. Coworking spaces enable you to lease your Table or even a room for a few days, weeks or a month and allow you to focus on what matters: Your work.

Accessible expert help when needed:

Coworking spaces gather the best personalities, every expert in their own field. After you dedicate some time to create your social connection in the coworking space, you can approach your expert friends for high-quality advice on a wide range of topics like social media and digital marketing, programming, design and many more. The synergies and mutual support of one member to another are invaluable.

Build a team:

Scaling and genuinely become successful usually includes working with others. There will be a time when it will make sense to slowly building a team and hiring a person to help your company grow. In some situations you can hire someone to hire remotely, yet let’s be 100% honest; nothing beats working together in the same physical space. A coworking space enables you to invite another person to work with you without the need to lease a dedicated office.

Colaboratory Asia providing offices without boundaries. We are lot more than just another co-working platform. We are committed to change the way people perceive their jobs, workplaces and their co-workers. We at Colaboratory Asia has put in the hard work to create a nurturing environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent thinkers. Co-working spaces are more affordable than owned offices, more productive than coffee shops and more social than home-offices. Most of the people loves the vibe and community of other like-minded people they work with at co-working space. Coworking is more than a desk which is designed to maximize the productivity and also facilitate connections with like-minded professionals. Benefit from Coworking’s unmatched support and expertise can help you to achieve your goals.

Co-working is a lot about the human touch, a community that builds within a space. It’s also positive psychologically being surrounded by other productive people who push you to be productive too. Free coffees, networking events, desk swapping are a few reasons why co- working is cool and lovable. When we attract startups, we also attract opportunities to meet, mingle and network. Startups will find this beneficial in the long run. Hence, Co.Lab.Oratory grants you a workspace that is suitable for all. Our Coworking office spaces ooze with good vibes and makes you easily slide into ‘comfy-mode’ in a friendly environment. This collaboration program is very flexible because here at Co.Lab.Oratory we let you rent our spaces on a monthly, daily or even hourly basis. You can easily work out cabin space, open spaces or even a meeting room. There’s freedom to work anywhere in Co.Lab.Oratory. This type of setup can rarely be found in other Coworking space in Mumbai. A very productive environment is designed to enable smooth working conditions. Shared office for rent in Mumbai makes more sense if your business is at an early stage, where your team and requirements are limited and you do not need much privacy to make important business decisions.

Colaboratory Asia designs the coworking space with an aim to bring together diverse ideas, skills and people under one roof. This gives them the flexibility they need while they go in search of their dreams. Thus this unique work space becomes a versatile ground for creative people. We are proud of what we have come up to at our Co-working spaces! Where our clients get to enjoy with talented people who are from different industries. Coworking spaces are a perfect place for the idealistic mind to flourish. We offer a personalized workspace that fuels ingenuity and opens up the mind to the infinite possibilities of creation. We at Colaboratory Asia focus on being a part of our members’ journeys and making it fun. So, if you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or even a corporate, we have an office space for everyone. We understand the need for free and open spaces to increase productivity and utilize your time properly. Our priority remains our members and we believe in growing with them.