fully furnished offices for rent in andheri east

December 28, 2018

Businesses are growing in every part of India and Office spaces are parallelly in demand as they redefine the real estate sector. However, when we talk about the startup capital of India, office spaces cannot be just spaces. It is the city of trendsetter for rest of India in many ways; how can workspaces be immune to it? At the same time, as an entrepreneur –whether you need the office for yourself or for your team- you would desire the office to be well connected with transport facilities, affordable and should be open with regards to lease terms. That’s exactly what Colaboratory offers, the trendy and fully furnished office for rent in Mumbai at unbeatable prices and unmatched conveniences in prime location.

A furnished office for rent in Mumbai can have everything is needed to let you work peacefully, and also fits within your budget.

Now, how do you select a well-furnished office space for your entrepreneurial venture?

Flexible Schedule

The main reason to be a freelancer is to have a flexible schedule and a better work-life balance. Working from home has its perks, but at the same time there are distractions. A Shared Office Space in Mumbai offers you the flexibility and along with the much-needed silence. Flexible office hours in a non-corporate atmosphere help the business owners to retain employees and improves their efficiency level. Fixed working schedules sometimes creates a negative impact on the mindset of the employees. On the other hand, flexibility of time can increases the interest of the employees in work, and thereby increase their productivity.


Freelancers or start-up owners usually have limited funds and it is difficult for them to set up a private office or a fully functional workplace. Moderate rented office space in Mumbai with all the required facilities is the best option for them. A co-working space comes with various facilities where you don’t have to worry about the maintenance and all this comes at an affordable price. We at Collaboratory offer many options of well-furnished co-working spaces in Mumbai within your budget.

Casual Workplace

Rented shared Office in Mumbai can provide a fun and casual workplace with much less stress. A workspace with facilities like high-speed internet, cushy seating, cafe, lounges and gym is not less than a dream office for the youngsters. Confidence and productivity soars in such a positive environment. In such environment you can meet like-minded people, get into interesting discussions and yet have the privacy to work securely.

Building Networks

Freelancers who work from home doesn’t get the opportunity to interact with larger number of people due to which they find difficulty in getting new projects and it also impacts their productivity. A Co-working Space in Mumbai also helps you to network. It helps you to communicate with different people from various professional fields and build connections which in turn helps them to get some great new projects.

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