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  • 50% Occupied
  • 220 Seater Office
  • 5mins away from Metro and 10mins away from Airport
  • Place with a vibe
We have got the basic covered.

Location Accessibility

High Speed Internet with Backups line


2 free meeting rooms

Chillzones and Lounge

Tea and Coffee

Hiring Assistance

Marketing assistance

Not Your Cafe. Not Your Bed. Co-working

Plans that are suited for every type of work station


Do More, Do Now


It’s not just Sharing the environment. Share the workspace along with a healthy professional relationship as well to establish true harmony.


Learning along the way is an essential part of a growing organisation. Enable a healthy exchange of best practices and ideas to help your business flourish.


Finally, it all boils down to work, with a mix of play as well and in our little chapel, this is exactly what we place our faith in

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Members of a close knit family, lending helping hands towards one common goal of growth.


Coworking Space in Sakinaka Andheri East

Mumbai is the heart of financial activities of India and it’s undoubtedly one of the wealthiest and developed cities of India. A combination of scenic beauty and strong technological base makes Mumbai an ideal spot for a large number of billionaires which highlights the glamour of this city. Mumbai is among the most expensive cities of India. Therefore, setting up a startup in Mumbai with a reasonable real estate may be costly and out of budget. Coworking Spaces in Andheri East works as a miracle which fulfill the dreams of many entrepreneurs to setup their startup in Mumbai.

With an aim to make new waves with working spaces for digital nomads, Co.Lab.Oratory lives and breathes to provide a merger between the mundane work and a creatively inspiring environment. As the concept of the Coworking space takes the country by storm, Co.Lab.Oratory tries to take it up a notch with its office spaces. With facilities to make you feel like home like,

Co-Collaborate and find a confluence with other organisations & institutions in a harmonious work culture.

Lab-Collaborate and find a confluence with other organisations & institutions in a harmonious work culture.

Oratory-It’s our little chapel where work, with a little play off course, is our religion. Work and get expert advice from the ‘Social Media Agency of the Year’ 2017, Fruitbowl Digital, a digital advertising agency with a ‘Fresh’ take on work & work life as well!

Coworking Space Facilities provided by Co.Lab.Oratory in Andheri East

Co.Lab.Oratory is equipped with jaw-dropping facilities that are just waiting for you. Some of the facilities that our office workspaces carry might just come as a surprise.

Air-Conditioned: Every room on the floor is air-conditioned for comfortable working. Enjoy the cooling, be it any kind of day, cold, wet, hot, hotter, or the usual Mumbai heat.

Conference rooms: Fully equipped conference rooms always available when needed. Designed to give you a vibe of constructive good discussions.

Meeting Rooms: Two meeting rooms available for use at any time. You and your clients can discuss important matters without interruption. No time restriction will be forced upon you.

Printing room: Access the printing facility room. Going to a outdoor stationery will no longer be a problem when everything can happen on the same floor.

Chillzone and Lounge: Take a break and free your mind for a few hours. A casual and friendly environment with no work stress. Also a lounge to spend free time with your work mates.

Library: Open library for everyone. Grab some knowledge on anything you wish to learn more on. Books on almost everything and free reading spaces.

Functional Pantry: All your regular pantry materials with microwaves, fridge and freezer, liquid boiler etc. Grab anything available whenever you require them.

Tea and Coffee: Hot beverages will be brought to your working desk at particular work times. Or if you feel the need for some instant tea or coffee, you can freely make yourself one.

Silent working zones: If you enjoy working in a office room with no noise disturbance, we have marked certain areas of the workplace to be the silent zone. Work however you feel comfortable.

High Speed Internet with a Backup line: The workplace must always have the best internet connections for good work to happen. We give you high speed internet for you to access the web faster. Research, view or send content, upload work material at high speeds without any internet problems.

Events and Workshops: Series of events arranged and set up according to the year calendar. Events to have fun in and enjoy some shared knowledge through workshops. Join any event and workshop you like.