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Plans & Pricing

We have a passion for building products that will shape

Day Pass

Starting at ₹500/day
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Book a workspace for a day. For the nomads that don’t require long-term facilities, we offer.

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Flexi Seat

Starting at ₹3500/month
Select Plan

Just bring your laptop and grab a seat at one of our floating desks or in the cafeteria. The perfect plan for the doers that don’t restrict themselves to one place.

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Dedicated Workstation

Starting at 70006500/month
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A fixed space, a cocoon if you must, for an individual to work towards growing and evolving your business.

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Private Cabin

Starting at 100008500/month
Select Plan

A fully furnished hub, customizable to your needs, your very own utopia where you can work in the complete privacy and comfort of your own little world.

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Sustanable Cabin

Starting at 85007500/day
Select Plan

Book a workspace for a day. For the nomads that don’t require long-term facilities, we offer.

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Co.Lab Work Visa

Starting at ₹3000/3 month
Select Plan

A freelancer's haven, your membership allows you to work at subsidised daily charges.

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10-day plan

Starting at ₹3250/month
Select Plan

Don't pay for more than you need. An exclusive plan for freelancers and startups where we provide flexi seats for any 10 days in a month.

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Director's Cabin Plan

Starting at ₹80,000/month
Select Plan

Every king needs a throne and every director needs a cabin and we got one, just the way you like it.

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Night Plan-Minimum 10seats

Starting at ₹6500 onwards
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For the nocturnal workaholics who rises once the sun sets to conquer the world with their outstanding talent.

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Conference Room Plan

Starting at 900/1200/hr
Select Plan

Add a touch of elegance and affluence to your every business conference.

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Hi-Flyer plans for frequent flyers

Starting at ₹800/day
Select Plan

Fly off without worrying about your stuff here and find it in the same way once back.

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Lean Startup plans

Starting at ₹3500/month
Select Plan

A lean plan to boost all the lean startups who are aiming to go to the infinity and beyond.

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* GST is charged above the membership prices

Still wondering if our workspaces are the best choice for you? Well here’s why they are:

Location Accessibility

High Speed Internet with Backup line


Open from 8 AM to 8 PM on Mon-Sat

fully equipped Conference Rooms

2 free meeting rooms

Chillzones and Lounge

Printing facilities

Functional Pantry

Discounted Snacks

Tea and Coffee


Silent working Zones

Hiring Assistance

Marketing assistance

Technology assistance



Workshops, Events and Classes

Membership benefits


Pick a plan add, any of our toppings just to make your stay more enriching

Helping to run your show on the road

Professional support

Get professional grade support for technology development, marketing, HR or financial services through our inhouse team, let us get there together.

Reveal your secrets

Mentoring and incubation

You could get support for your initial start in creating a space to grow and build ideas as well as advice with marketing, tech, strategy, growth consulting and more, all with the benefit of a collaborative work environment.


And more of the little things

We also offer certain metered services beyond these.

  • Conference Room access charged per hour
  • Safety Deposit charged per month
  • Nightowls working beyond our timings (8 AM to 8 PM, Mon - Sat) can do so @Rs. 200 per hour per seat [Minimum 5 seats]