shared offices a blessing for startups

December 14, 2018

Co-working space, as the name suggests, refers to an office area where multiple organizations work on a shared space or floor, contrary to the traditional office area where a space is leased out or used by a single organization. It provides many benefits to its members like flexibility of space or desks as per its requirement and all the logistical amenities are taken care by the owner of the property. Co-working spaces are not only a large space with desks and chairs with high-speed internet connection, but it’s an exciting place to work which can improve your productivity.

Coworking spaces are affordable for startups and are suitable for them to flourish. Such spaces help them to improve productivity and provide a host of business solutions at a very minimal fee. Moreover, most Co-working spaces have tailor-made membership options. The membership starts with the minimum package of a day to even few months / years depending on the business requirement. Co-working spaces are great option for Start-ups to building their business. In today’s dynamic and innovation world, coworking spaces are in the limelight. The world-class offices and workspaces in Mumbai are rentable on per desk basis unlike per square meters which is the case in traditional offices. Shared Offices for rent in Mumbai available in major parts of Mumbai.

Shared offices in Mumbai are rapidly growing in order to appeal the various startup clientele ranging from the MNCs to the SMEs. Many foreign companies take Shared offices for rent in Mumbai in order to take the right benefits of the world-class Coworking offices in Mumbai. Shared offices are generally well-furnished and serviced shared offices which are specially designed in order to encourage the effective knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Shared Offices are mainly located in the prime locations in Mumbai like Shared Offices on rent in Saki Naka, Andheri, Marol, Powai etc. The environment of shared office increases your creativity and innovation. Coworking spaces are becoming a challenge to traditional workspaces because of its unique business model, unique design ad affordability. In shared offices the design is no like traditional office where we have separate department, designated desk. Furthermore, the coworking spaces are being leased on the per person basis which makes more flexible and economical especially for startups and small companies with small teams.

It a challenge for the starts up to have offices in metro cities to be in the competition. Here Shared offices for rent in Mumbai and other Metro cities comes as a blessing for the start-ups. In this competitive world even, the shared office providers have to come up with several extra offerings like pet-friendliness, creative perks, availability of beer pints, on-site gyms and also spas and saunas. Not only these luxuries, there are several flexibilities attached to the coworking spaces. We would not have thought of the comfort of Shared Offices a few years back when it comes to work-space but these have become a reality in today’s world with the introduction of the world-class Shared office for Rent spaces in Mumbai. The focused efforts of the shared office space providers add a lot of value to the startups, SMEs and MNCs and thus the demand of the companies towards the Shared Office for rent in Mumbai are growing day by day.

The startups, SMEs and MNCs are in full swing and taking the full benefit of shared office in Metro cities. As per the trends in Mumbai reveal that approximately, 50 percent of the Shared offices in Mumbai are occupants are SMEs and MNCs, while the other remaining fifty percent of the Shared offices are being occupied by the startups. Thus, Shared Offices for rent in Mumbai and other metro cities gives ample benefits for a start-up and it acts as a blessing for them.

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