why you should choose a shared office for your start-up

December 28, 2018

The new economy that relies on sharing is changing the way business use to operating since decades and the commercial real estate market is not different. If you aren’t aware of the idea of shared office space, it is an office space where individuals from multiple businesses can work together. Where the members of a shared workspace pay monthly membership fee, like a gym, for regular access to the building, and also pay premium charges for some additional facilities like accommodations of meeting rooms or special equipment. There is a rise in the popularity of shared office space due to its benefits like cost saving and accessibility of infrastructure, and it also ease the process of networking with the people beyond your company.

Today, companies from same as well as different industries works in the same building in majority of the industrial setup. Shared office for Rent is very common especially in IT sector. Shared Offices have witnessed rise not only in prime commercial hubs like Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad but also in commercial office space of Kolkata and other similar belt cities like Orissa and Pune.

Building a business needs many dedicated hours in your office. Your office is a place where you carry out your business operations, client meetings, and its place which reminds you about your goal daily. Hence it makes sense choosing an office should be given equal importance like any other business decision. Shared Offices for Rent is a cost-effective alternative to traditional office leasing. Many start-up entrepreneurs or home office company owners realize that leasing an office space is a large overhead expense and a cash drain on precious capital.

Shared offices are a ready-made solution for starting a branch office as it comes fully equipped and furnished and it can also be beneficial for start-ups as it saves time and money for them. Apart from the low cost, a Shared Office for Rent also helps home-bound entrepreneurs or start-ups to build network and provide a better image for their company. By sharing your office space with related professionals, you can enjoy the benefits of building referral base with other similar non-competing businesses. For example, a group of health professionals like a podiatrist, massage therapist, and chiropractor sharing the same office space can be benefited by expanding their client base by way of referrals.

Shared office spaces are always cheaper than their full-office counterparts. With the rapid-fire increase in the demand of space from the Start-ups has been a boon for the shared office space industry. Shared Offices for Rent in Mumbai comes with tailor made feature where you can select the feature you want, and the billing will be as per the services availed. This package ranges from daily to yearly and can be customized as per the needs. Shared, quirky office spaces and inspiring interior motivates you to get into that productive mindset to get things done.

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